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About Adult Swim [A.S]

if you’ve been seeing the [a.s] logo on tik tok you are not alone [a.s] stands for adult swim and it’s part of a new tick tock trend. that involves a lot of creativity. but is leaving a lot of people also confused so in this i’ll explain the meaning behind these and why they’re so popular and then also show you how to make your own.

[A.S] Trend explained

So in a sentence this trend the Adult Swim trend basically involves creators making. Their own versions of Adult Swim commercials. Adult swim is kind of like the grown-up version of cartoon network. It a block of shows that are generally more adult oriented and play on the same channel [AS] cartoon network.

after most of the kids shows so some of these shows include king of the hill rick and morty and bob’s burgers. after the cartoon network shows end. the adult swim shows are about to start there are commercial breaks and they run these bumps also called bumpers. that basically indicate that the adult swim shows are starting. These bumps would generally show everyday scenes and then somewhere at the end of it the as logo would appear in the video.

Sometimes it would be hidden or not [AS] obvious in some of them. They also included a funny or inspirational message. That written in text on the screen throughout the bump. So now on tiktok creators are making their own versions of these bumps. And trying to be creative with how to display the as logo or what message they’re going to convey.

why is it so popular?

image 3 adult swim

if you’ve never heard of adult swim before or seen one of those bumps. It’s interesting to see people’s creativity in revealing the logo. The unexpectedness of how that logo will revealed. The psychology behind that very well explained by the tick toker crutches and spice.

it different from someone else’s and try to find a different way to show the logo. So even if you see another video. You hear the music you know what’s going to happen. They know that the [AS] logo is going to be revealed at the end.

you still have no idea how they’re going to do. That what’s in between and that unexpectedness that moment of suspension. I Think is what keeps people watching the creativity involved in using everything from clothing to food to electricity to other things to create that. AS logo keeps people entertained and is also inspiring and makes you wonder how you could show that logo.

how to make your own

adult swim bump
adult swim bump

the most popular version is to use the as in brackets. but some people have also been using the other logo which it literally just says adult swim in brackets. this is the part where you can get really creative there have been a bunch of videos. that use just text in tiktok to just put the [as] somewhere on the screen.

after you film the video. but i personally find the ones that are really interesting are the ones where you can create the [as] logo in real life in your video. while you’re filming those are the two essential elements and a third optional element is to have text on the video. that contains that inspirational or funny message.

this can create more of a narrative to your video but is definitely not necessary now once you have your idea. let see how it will make:-

first step
is to film it and if you’re going to use a phone to film it’s super useful to have a tripod.

second step
the second step is to edit your footage i found it easier to edit outside of tiktok. since there are some trims i wanted to make and splits. there that has the sound on it already so all you should do is upload your clip to it. you can trim split rearrange sounds in it add text and even add the actual [as] logo at the end if you need that and i found this useful to time out the video exactly to the sound where the beat drops

last step
Once you’ve made your video you can upload it to tiktok. You want it to show up in the search results for the adult swim trend. You can add the sound for this trend in tik tok and then mute your original volume go ahead and publish that.

this is the link of bump video:- https://youtu.be/6wINMtM2JdY

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